When should my child start taking trumpet lessons?

It depends. I recommend taking at least one year of piano lessons before taking lessons on another instrument. I also would not advise children to start playing trumpet until they can easily hold it up in the proper position, and can learn to buzz properly. With that being said, lessons early on can be very beneficial to “starting out on the right foot.” Trumpet playing stands or falls on proper technique—breathing, embouchure, and posture all contribute to beautiful, effective trumpet playing. Fifth or sixth grade is a good time to start taking lessons for most children.


Why do you charge so much per month?

Lessons at most music stores range from $75-125 a month, and online lessons are even more expensive. $25 for a 30-minute lesson is actually a good deal, if one compares the cost for cellphone service, cable, or a gym membership. Plus, I still charge $100 for months with 5 weeks—that’s a FREE lesson on those months!


Can I leave my child at your house and go run errands?

I prefer that a parent or guardian be nearby during lessons. Parents and/or guardians can sit and read or relax in our comfortable seating area during lessons.