Other Interests

Obviously, I love all things trumpet. But that’s not all that interests me. First of all, I’m an evangelical Christian, which means I believe that Jesus is the Christ (the King of the Universe), God of very God, that he died on the cross (ca AD 33) for the sins of the world, and that by believing in Him for the forgiveness of my sins I am saved for eternity to enjoy his presence forever in a renewed creation at the end of all time. This is the gospel—the good news for humanity.

Secondly, I am a husband to a wonderful, gracious, kind, thoughtful and beautiful woman named Megan. Thirdly, I’m a father to three living daughters and one son (Evan) now even more alive in the presence of his Creator. And fourthly, I’m a son (to two wise, loving parents) and a brother (to two awesome, kind, adventurous sisters, and one creative, intelligent brother).

There are many more things that could define my identity, but I will stop there. It is truly impossible to know someone (in any real sense) from merely looking at their website; one must meet them face-to-face, ask questions, and enjoy shared experiences.